Support designed to help your patients start
treatment with ZURZUVAE™ (zuranolone)

Just 3 steps to get your patients with PPD started on ZURZUVAE

Sage Therapeutics and Biogen offer support services delivered through participating
specialty pharmacies to help streamline patient access


Send your patient’s ZURZUVAE prescription to a specialty pharmacy within our network*

Pharmacies will initiate the approval process and contact your office if any steps are needed to complete a
prior authorization or appeal request.


Alert your patient that the pharmacy will call them to confirm insurance and contact information

Patient financial assistance programs, if appropriate, will be applied directly by the pharmacy when the prescription is filled.

Eligible patients who opt in to one of our affordability programs may pay as little as $0 for their medication.


The pharmacy will ship ZURZUVAE to your patient's preferred address after insurance approvals are complete

*In accordance with your practice and state laws for a Schedule IV product.

Additional terms and conditions apply.

ZURZUVAE is available through the following specialty pharmacy network


Alto Pharmacy®

CVS SpecialtyTM

Special Care Pharmacy Services§

Walmart Specialty Pharmacy

In addition to the above network, ZURZUVAE will be made available at the Veterans Health Administration (VA) and may be made available at select IDN, Health System, Hospital, and other pharmacies.

Please contact your ZURZUVAE representative or call 1-844-987-9882 if you have questions about obtaining ZURZUVAE.

Specialty pharmacy network as of January 2024.

§Special Care Pharmacy Services is for Puerto Rico residents only.